Om Wilda

About Wilda Nilsson

Founder & CEO at the Swedish content agency Kapybara Media. I’m passionate about communication, sales, people and collaboration. I like making complicated and/or boring information easy and interesting for specific target groups.

In the future I see my self working with marketing and communication. Either as a consultant or as a marketing manager. I like change and would be happy in an organization that promotes innovation and fresh ideas. I am a doer and I will make stuff happen. In order to do a great job, I want to keep working for/with companies selling products and services I believe in.

Quite recently I wrote my bachelors thesis in human geography alone in India for five months. The subject was the spatiality of livelihood strategies in Tibetan refugee settlements. I have now turned it into a book that will either be published or spread online as an e-book.

I’ve also studied journalism studies, Hindi and central asian studies at uni. With studies (for now) put behind it is time to give my company Kapybara Media a fair chance to continue to grow. Update: Back to school again! This time it’s marketing and economy that is my focus area.

If you need content, want to exchange ideas or talk about future opportunities, please give me a shout (or an email).

Reach me directly on


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